On Tuesday the year 5/6 class rooms got together and showed all the learning we did on Energise Australia! My group researched hydro power and how it is made. First the water builds up behind the dam wall then goes through a pipe called the penstock, after going through the pipe the water’s force spins a turbine which is connected to a generator. This is where the energy is transformed into electricity, finally the electricity goes into a transmission grid turning it into high voltage so it can travel through power lines into our homes and on our electrical run devices. There were many different topics such as Bio-energy, Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Renewable energy sources, Geothermal, Coal, Oil, potential energy and Gas. These were all interesting topics but I found our’s  the most interesting to learn about! On the night of the Expo my group showed 2 experiments: 1-How the force of water can move a boat. 2-How energy runs through led into water and creates bubbles! We also made a movie about how we can save energy and we had a model showing all the renewable resources! This was a whole school project, so the preps,1’1 and 2’s did mini beasts and the 3’s and 4’s did about the human body. I had lots of fun sharing all this information with my friends and I hope you learnt a bit about how hydro power is made!download (1)

Week 5

This week was a busy week with lots of fun activities to enjoy!

On Monday two people from the Hawthorn football club came to teach us about healthy diets and lots of water for healthy and happy school day. We should drink up to 5 glasses of water every day, also 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables. We did reading and I learnt that one’s cyclones wind energy could power Australia for fifty years! The preps recently got class tadpoles, I learnt that they start off as frogspawn then become tadpoles, tadpoles with legs, frog with a tail then finally a full size frog. The year 5/6 classes have been working on inquiry, for inquiry we have been learning about science but through science we are looking at energy. My group Jess, Alice, Stephanie and I are doing hydro power(water energy). We are looking at how water is transformed into energy and how we use it in our homes! On Thursday we had a school free day were Alana and Mietta came to my house for the whole day and watched movies. We also learnt about commas and how we should use them correctly.

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What I learnt this week

This week was a fun week with lots of twists and turns!

On Monday we had PE with our sports teacher and the leader of the schools program from Hawthorn came out and told us about a healthy and happy food balance. We were given diaries to keep track of our healthy living! On Tuesday we learnt about decimals, decimals are my favorite subject to do and in maths. We learnt how to put decimals on a place value chart and how to say the name not the number! Wednesday we started our Hawthorn diaries about keeping track of our food intake. HIP HIP HOORAY, we yell as the preps celebrate their 100 days at school! We had to bring a shared lunch for our buddies which was really nice for everyone sharing things they’ve made, some homemade cooking was delicious! Thursday we read a book because it was getting close to book week so with a partner. We had to find all the verbs in our picture story book, then put them into a complex sentence. So instead of a sentence like this “The dog ran to its owner”- the main clause. Have a sentence like this “The dog ran to its own after being lost for several days” you add in a subordinate clause. This two sentences are put together by a conjunction.  Finally Friday and we have drama, near the end of the year we are having an end of year production called the Nutcracker. We learnt a few dances and parts of the scripts

I hope your week was as awesome as my week and thanks for reading my blog!


National tree planting day!

On the 24th of July some friends and I went to National tree planting day!

We planted about 20 same indigenous plants near Blackburn Lake. It was a fun bus ride there with lots to talk about and fun memories to  remember. We learnt about plants and how they help our environment! By breathing in all the Co2 then letting out fresh oxygen!

                                                                                      How to plant a plant!                                                                                               1. Slowly pull the plant out of pot

2. Tickle the roots

3. Place the plant in the hole

4. Scoop the dirt around it and fill in the hole

5. Give the plant a nice big water!

Your plant will take a few months to grow before it becomes a beautiful plant!



On Wednesday the 22nd of July,  my class and I went to the Emmaus production of Beauty and the Beast. It was a fantastic performance and I would differently recommend you to see it. The characters are Belle, The Beast, Gaston, Lumiere and many more.

The story is about a prince that had been turned into an ugly Beast. A girl Belle tried to save her farther by making a promise to stay at the castle for ever and ever. Lots of other people had been turned into things like candle holders, teapots, plates and more. Then spell by the witch can only be broken if someone loves the ugly Beast. Belle don’t like the Beast at all in the beginning but as time past and she saw that he has a side that not many people know about. I don’t want to spoil it for you if you are going to see it but if you are not I would definitely recommend that you go see it. Thanks for reading my blog!


What I learnt this week!

Hi everyone hope you all had a great holidays! Sorry, I haven’t been on a lot over the holidays.
Today I am going to share with you what I did over this first week of term 3.

We got our reading groups and had to find words in this script called Precious Treasures. the script was about these buried warriors that where made in 246 BC! It was very interesting. Those words then became our spelling words for the week! Then we revived an activity sheet where we had to write a paragraph about the script we just read.
In maths we did fractions of collections. What I understand about fractions of collections. You have 4/7 of 49. You divide the whole number which is 40 by the denominator 7 then multiply the numerator-(49 divide by 7)Then multiplied by 4 = 28. This was hard for me to understand at the start but then once I got the hang of it, it was easy!
At my school we have these books called Writers Notebook where we plan all our ideas down then put then into a story. On Monday we wrote an idea down mine was about my school holidays. Then i wrote a story about my school holidays!
In art we made optical illusions. Our optical illusion was a 3D hand.
First- Lengths was you had to draw one cm apart dots down the page on both sides.
Second- Then half way down in the bottom section you trace around your hand.
Third- After you connect the dots width ways across the page.(Make sure the when you do lines across your hand that don’t draw lines across you hand because then there would be no optical illusion)
Fourth- when you draw your lines across you hand the need to be curved up woods.
Finally- You colour in your strips.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I will post more about my week next week!

Summer Days

A summer day is forever one

because all the hard work is done.

When hopes and dreams have gone

think again for it is dawn.

When there is a big bright light

that means their is an endless night.

When all your friends have gone to sea

look around for there is still me.Splish, splash around the pool

for any then you will be cool.

When you go to the beach

that’s when you eat a juicy peach.

When all you worries have gone away

all your fun friends come to stay.

Life awaits ahead for you

so take it in and enjoy the view.

survey games

                                       ASHER  ALANA   KAYLA   MIETTA   FERGUS   LUKE  ALANNAH   ELIJAH   SIOBHAN PATRICK

COMPUTER GAMES                                                                                  

BOARD GAMES                                                   1                1                  

BOTH                                   1                  1                                                1               1                    1                1                 1                  1                                                                                                                                                                        


As you can see from my survey most people chose both!

My friend Kayla chose board game because she like competing with someone face to face!                                                                   My friend Mietta chose board games because she likes to see the board nice and clear!



American Independence day


Fireworks are big in this event!                       Lots of people dress up for this special event!      This event is celebrated on the 4th of July!

Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States! 



My Passion

Hello everyone my name is Georgia and I am going to tell you all about my passion. My passion is acrobatics. I love doing it and watching it. I have competed in Sydney and Melbourne with great pride. I have two bases. Bases are people who throw me up and catch me! When we competed in Sydney we came 8th out of 16 groups. When I compete, I become very nervous and scared but when I am on the floor doing my routine I am fine! That is why I love this sport!