My Passion

Hello everyone my name is Georgia and I am going to tell you all about my passion. My passion is acrobatics. I love doing it and watching it. I have competed in Sydney and Melbourne with great pride. I have two bases. Bases are people who throw me up and catch me! When we competed in Sydney we came 8th out of 16 groups. When I compete, I become very nervous and scared but when I am on the floor doing my routine I am fine! That is why I love this sport!



  1. Hi Georgia.
    My name is Ava and I like the same things as you. I like acrobatics too, but I don’t do it. I do, do some similar things. I do gymnastics. I also heard that you like netball too, I play netball and I love it 🙂 and this a link to my blog.

    • Hi Ava, just checked out your blog! I love your back ground. I had that one but liked this one better! My friends wanted to know what days you go to gym!
      Pl ease tell me how to get that smiley face because I just do not know!
      Thank you Georgia!

  2. Great job Georgia! Your so lucky, you get to travel around! 🙂

  3. Hi Georgia,

    Great to see you managed to get a flag counter widget and the Class Blog widget on your sidebar. I look forward to your future posts.


    • Thank you Celia,
      I had great fun learning all about my blog with you! As you may see I have learnt to put on pets!! Thanks Georgia!

  4. Hi Georgia, I’ve never done acrobatics before but I think your passion sounds cool.

    • To Isabelle, yes it is the best sport I have ever done! When people ask me they say it is like gymnastics but it is actually a lot different than they think! In the sport I jump off people’s shoulders and climb to the very top of pyramids! I hope you and I can be friends through our blogs by posting comments!! Thanks Georgia!

  5. Hi Georgia do you do gymnastics i do if yes what level are you in and what gymnastics place do you go to i’m in level 4 and i go to eastern gymnastics club bye

    • Hi Ava, it’s Georgia here. Thank you for replying on my post! I am doing level 6 or 7 not sure. I go to Nunawading, but a lot of my friends go to Eastern! Are you a WAG gymnast or a normal gymnast? Thanks again!

    • Hi Mia! what level do you in acrobatics? Thanks Georgia!

      • Hi again Georgia,
        I do acro with some girls at your school.
        Do you know Jess. M and Tahlia. P.
        Anyway, we have three levels in acro, mini, junior and sub senior. I’m in junior and we do things like aerials and walkover and things like that.
        Bye from Mia

        • Hi Mia, yes I do know Jess and Tahlia we are quit good friends! I just started learning a new skill where I do a handstand and my basses flip me around so I do a one and a half flips in the air!!! Where do you do acro? From Georgia:)

  6. Hello Georgia,
    I think it would be so cool to do acro. It looks so cool. If I was in the air then I would freak out.
    Here is my blog URL
    PS: I tried to send you a different comment but I did not see it so sorry if I have wrote twice.

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