What I learnt this week!

Hi everyone hope you all had a great holidays! Sorry, I haven’t been on a lot over the holidays.
Today I am going to share with you what I did over this first week of term 3.

We got our reading groups and had to find words in this script called Precious Treasures. the script was about these buried warriors that where made in 246 BC! It was very interesting. Those words then became our spelling words for the week! Then we revived an activity sheet where we had to write a paragraph about the script we just read.
In maths we did fractions of collections. What I understand about fractions of collections. You have 4/7 of 49. You divide the whole number which is 40 by the denominator 7 then multiply the numerator-(49 divide by 7)Then multiplied by 4 = 28. This was hard for me to understand at the start but then once I got the hang of it, it was easy!
At my school we have these books called Writers Notebook where we plan all our ideas down then put then into a story. On Monday we wrote an idea down mine was about my school holidays. Then i wrote a story about my school holidays!
In art we made optical illusions. Our optical illusion was a 3D hand.
First- Lengths was you had to draw one cm apart dots down the page on both sides.
Second- Then half way down in the bottom section you trace around your hand.
Third- After you connect the dots width ways across the page.(Make sure the when you do lines across your hand that don’t draw lines across you hand because then there would be no optical illusion)
Fourth- when you draw your lines across you hand the need to be curved up woods.
Finally- You colour in your strips.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I will post more about my week next week!

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