What I learnt this week

This week was a fun week with lots of twists and turns!

On Monday we had PE with our sports teacher and the leader of the schools program from Hawthorn came out and told us about a healthy and happy food balance. We were given diaries to keep track of our healthy living! On Tuesday we learnt about decimals, decimals are my favorite subject to do and in maths. We learnt how to put decimals on a place value chart and how to say the name not the number! Wednesday we started our Hawthorn diaries about keeping track of our food intake. HIP HIP HOORAY, we yell as the preps celebrate their 100 days at school! We had to bring a shared lunch for our buddies which was really nice for everyone sharing things they’ve made, some homemade cooking was delicious! Thursday we read a book because it was getting close to book week so with a partner. We had to find all the verbs in our picture story book, then put them into a complex sentence. So instead of a sentence like this “The dog ran to its owner”- the main clause. Have a sentence like this “The dog ran to its own after being lost for several days” you add in a subordinate clause. This two sentences are put together by a conjunction.  Finally Friday and we have drama, near the end of the year we are having an end of year production called the Nutcracker. We learnt a few dances and parts of the scripts

I hope your week was as awesome as my week and thanks for reading my blog!


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