On Tuesday the year 5/6 class rooms got together and showed all the learning we did on Energise Australia! My group researched hydro power and how it is made. First the water builds up behind the dam wall then goes through a pipe called the penstock, after going through the pipe the water’s force spins a turbine which is connected to a generator. This is where the energy is transformed into electricity, finally the electricity goes into a transmission grid turning it into high voltage so it can travel through power lines into our homes and on our electrical run devices. There were many different topics such as Bio-energy, Solar, Wind, Nuclear, Renewable energy sources, Geothermal, Coal, Oil, potential energy and Gas. These were all interesting topics but I found our’s  the most interesting to learn about! On the night of the Expo my group showed 2 experiments: 1-How the force of water can move a boat. 2-How energy runs through led into water and creates bubbles! We also made a movie about how we can save energy and we had a model showing all the renewable resources! This was a whole school project, so the preps,1’1 and 2’s did mini beasts and the 3’s and 4’s did about the human body. I had lots of fun sharing all this information with my friends and I hope you learnt a bit about how hydro power is made!download (1)

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